10 Days 10 Countries; Daydreamer’s Dream!

Newcastle > Dublin(Ireland) > Oslo(Norway) > Warsaw(Poland) > Stockholm(Sweden) > Helsinki(Finland) > Copenhagen(Denmark) > Brussels(Belgium) > Berlin(Germany) > Madrid(Spain) > Lisbon (Portugal) > London


11 consecutive morning flights; slept in airports, ran from hostels at 3 am to catch the only night bus, to board 6 am flights. All I had, was a backpack, a passport and an iPod, along with my Moto G3 phone.


After landing, rushed to the tourist info centres, got hold of a map & managed to go to each and every tourist attraction as well as visited local rowing clubs in all the places and finally crashed into the hostels at night, for a well deserved shower and a few hours of sleep. 

Met some amazing people in hostels, airport queues, bus stations, etc. In quite a few places, people didnt speak english at all and google translate app came in really handy.
Spent a total of 150£ for flying 11 times, about 10€ per night for hostels, another 10€ per day for food and 10€ per day on unlimited transport pass. Had to carry 6 different currencies. Survived on less than 300€ in all. And yes, the flight price from Brussels to Berlin was just 0.99£.

One day, randomly sat on skyscanner.com, inputted “From: Newcastle”, “Date: 20th June” and kept the “To” space blank, which showed the lowest priced flights on that day from Newcastle, and it was to Dublin, for about 7£. Repeated the same, this time “From: Dublin” and “Date: 21st June”, which showed Oslo to be the lowest. Repeated this, till I saw a cheap flight back to London from Lisbon. Other than a schengen visa, I had to apply for a separate Irish visa, and I had to face the most hilarious questions from the border control officer in Dublin airport. 

Had to deal with flight delays and once, I got a text message the evening before that my next morning flight had been cancelled, had to rush to the airport, negotiated with the staff, had to do the gruelling task of convincing them that one flight cancellation can jeopardise my whole trip and finally managed to get myself rebooked on another airline for the same morning….
Countless memories ! Experience of a Lifetime !

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