Budget Iceland Trip for 250 GBP

Iceland for £250 or 22,000 INR.
My trip to Iceland was my costliest trip ever, at 250 GBP (according to my budgeting standards, as it’s 2 week’s worth of part time work). I spent £70 on return flights, £20 on hostel, £20 on food, £20 on local transport, £100 for day bus tour of Iceland countryside, which took me to the waterfalls, glacier and black beaches; it was worth every penny!


Additionally, I spent another £20 for Newcastle to London return, including London Victoria to Gatwick airport return. Everything in Iceland is super expensive. Public transport from Airport to City Centre will cost you minimum £10 if you take the local bus, or £30 if you take one of the frequent company transfers. There is no public transportation to all the major sites of the countryside, and you have to opt for one of the tour operators, which starts from £80.


Flights from London to Iceland costs normally £150 return, but only on these 2 days, I found it for half price, hence I did not have much flexibility. I spent 2 full days in Iceland, where 1st day when I landed in the morning, whole day I went around the capital city of Reykjavik, took the free walking tour, ate local food and roamed around the city.


2nd day I took the day tour of Iceland Countryside, and managed to see quite a bit of everything ! Indeed it was terribly cold, at this time of the year, where the Sun rose at 10am and set at 4pm. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the natural beauty of Iceland, as I did not expect to see so much. Am sure I will visit Iceland again, perhaps when I’ll be rich enough 😉 If you are planning to go there, don’t hesitate ! Just go ! You will not regret it !


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