How to find cheap flights? Or a 99 pence ticket?

This guide will tell you how to find cheap flights. It will also uncover how I had managed to get a flight ticket from Brussels to Berlin for 0.99 GBP.

Sitting on the edge of the seat, you have been waiting for a holiday? You have just spotted THAT long weekend! Not sure where to go? What do you do? I have the solution!

Just head over to

As shown in the screenshot below, in “From”, enter your country. Alternatively, if you are sure about your port of departure, enter your city. In the “To” space, leave it blank or type “everywhere”. You can enter a specific day to fly out, or choose a month of your choice and hit Search!


You will get a list of countries, in ascending order of their cheapest destinations. Choose your preferred country and click on it (See below)



For example, if you chose Germany, it will show you the list of German Airports, in ascending order of flight prices (see below). Choose your preferred destination.


And finally, if you had not chosen a specific city in the “From” box, then you will be asked to choose your departure airport, again listed in ascending order, according to flight prices. It works great, if for example you are based in Newcastle, and you are getting cheaper flights from Manchester or Edinburgh, both of which are a short train ride away.


This tool works like a charm, if you are a bit flexible with either your dates or destination. and Google flights also have this “everywhere” feature, but I tend to prefer the skyscanner one.

However, if you have made up about your mind regarding your destination, and are a bit flexible with dates, you should head over to Google Flights. Enter your port of departure and destination. When you select the dates, it shows you a nice calendar with the cheapest flight prices of each day (shown below). This is a great way to choose your travel dates.


And of course, most cheap flights do not have cabin baggage included. Hence, you are better off flying with a small backpack and travelling light. Like I do, for all my travels, if you see the photo below. Ideally you should layer up. I will do a detailed post on baggage hacks, and how to beat the confusing baggage restrictions (and save a lot of money as well).


I kind of use a mix of Skycanner and Google Flights, and hence, I got this! A flight for 99 Pence! But I paid 10 times my flight fare, to travel from Berlin airport to city centre! Okay… I know… This is INSANE!! But see the email below…


This is my first ever blog post. Please try out the above mentioned methods and let me know what you thought about them, in the comments section. If you liked this post and it proved to be helpful, please do share with your friends as well. Awaiting your feedback and suggestions.

Happy travels and thank you for reading 🙂

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