How to survive phone snatching in South East Asia?

One fine evening in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, after dinner, my friend and myself were walking back to our hostel, near the beautiful riverfront. We got into the adjacent road, and I was checking Google maps, to find the route to our hostel. It was almost midnight, and the road mostly had locals sitting on the sidewalks, having a laugh over ice coffee, when suddenly I could feel a motorbiker literally scraping past me, and the pillion rider tried to snatch my phone away. But thanks to this small strap, the phone got stuck into my wrist, and they had to speed away without my phone. I was so relieved. Cities in South East Asia are notorious for phone snatching, and hence I am always ready to face them 😎 I use a faded colour cover, which gives it a shabby/cheap look, along with a hook stand, where the strap is tied. This strap doesn’t just save me from snatching, but whenever I am trying for a weird selfie on a boat or an edge of a cliff, it saves the phone from accidental dropping. The cover costs Rs 100 and the hook stand costs Rs 50, bought from a roadside shop in Calcutta. The strap was taken off from an old compact camera. So, a 150 INR ($2.5/£1.5) investment saved my prized OnePlus 5.
Please feel free to share with your friends. Safe travels!


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